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Mickey Fulp – “Modern Day Malpractice from the Malthusian Mob”

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Mickey Fulp – “Modern Day Malpractice from the Malthusian Mob”






April 19, 2021



I am a strong advocate for optimism, although at times accompanied by a dose of skepticism. Being from Missouri, you have to show me with logic, science, and reason. Do not try faith, belief, and/or dogma on this good ol’ boy American libertarian hillbilly redneck.



I am also a dedicated and unabashed member of the cornucopian camp. Cornucopians support the thesis that Earth is a beautiful and bountiful Blue Marble and will provide mankind with all that we need when we need it, thus ensuring a long-term and prosperous future (Mercenary Musing, March 19, 2012; Mercenary Musings Radio, January 28, 2019). That folks, is indeed an optimistic view of the world.



Populating the polar opposite are the frigid, dreary, doom and gloom malthusians who incessantly advocate that Earth is in immediate and dire threat of running out of this, that, or the other. Furthermore, this pessimistic cabal preaches that humans are the sole cause of a series of pending consequences that will do irreparable harm and soon destroy the planet as we know it.



I come here today to emphatically refute the cockamamie, globalist-socialist malthusians with modern-day examples of how wrong they have been, how wrong they are, and how wrong they will continue to be, ad infinitum.



Let’s examine some notable curmudgeons of the modern-day malthusian camp. My argument is exemplified by two notable and failed predictions made during the social and political upheaval of the late 1960s and early 1970s.



The Population Bomb was a best-selling book written in 1968 by Stanford University Professor Paul Ehrlich, a self-described malthusian and socialist, and his wife Anne. Its alarmist predictions were based on a premise of overpopulation that would spawn mass starvation and cause other societal upheavals in the 1970s to 1980s.



The Erlichs called for absolutely shocking and draconian actions to limit population growth, including cutting off food supplies to countries that refused to address the issue. Among their more ludicrous predictions at the time: all important sea life will die off  in 10 years; India will not be able to feed 200 million more people by 1980; and England will not exist as a country in 2000.



The Club of Rome’s Limits to Growth in 1972 used computer modeling to generate a collection of charts that predicted serial resource depletions, economic and societal collapses, and a sudden decrease in population and industrial capacity within 100 years.



These authors proposed the only solution to this presumptive dilemma was to immediately stop population growth and restrict industrial output per capita to then-present levels. Their ideal world mandated a no-growth, self-sustaining scenario in a state of global equilibrium. The overall birth rate would equal the death rate and capital investments would equal the depreciation rate.



However, this dubious “World3” computer model was based on flawed assumptions that resource use would grow exponentially while technological advances to increase production would only increase linearly; that all non-renewable resources had a 110-year lifespan; and that the amount of agricultural land had reached its ultimate limit.



Included among many resource predictions: the world would run out of oil in 20 to 50 years (1992-2022) and gold would be depleted in 9 to 29 years (1981-2001).



Upon publication, The Club of Rome’s fantasy world generated immediate ridicule and by the 1990s had lost all credibility. Its methodology has been described with the old computer maxim, “garbage in, garbage out” and the overall work as “Chicken Little with a computer”.



The catastrophic forecasts made in these two seminal books, the first written by self-described malthusians, and the second by a collective of environmental scientists and computer jockeys with a globalist-socialist agenda, have exhibited no semblance to reality over the past 50 years.



Yet logical, rational, and practical scientists continue to be inundated with serial forecasts of coming environmental disasters by government-supported PhDs with malthusian bents. Their inane doomsday prophecies are promulgated as fundamentalist gospel by a crisis- and headline-driven mainstream media.



Other “imminent catastrophes” and the time frames that they were in vogue follow:


  • Global cooling rapidly accelerated by man-made aerosols and pollution in the atmosphere will beget a new Ice Age and destroy modern civilization within a few centuries or a millennium (1965-1975).


  • Acid rain (a term coined by that bastion of biased thought, the New York Times) wreaks havoc on natural ecosystems in the Northeastern United States, Southeastern Canada, and Northern Europe, sterilizes lakes of fish, and denudes entire forest ecosystems (1972-1983).


  • A seasonal thinning of the ozone layer over Antarctica (euphemistically called a “hole” by the media) caused by chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) released to the atmosphere from hair spray and refrigerants expands to permanently cover the entire Earth. Popular opinion resulted in politicians enacting a worldwide ban on CFCs. Despite this ban, in 2017 NASA announced the Antarctic ozone layer was at its thinnest since 1988.


  • Note some 23 years later (2010), the same British Antarctic Survey scientists who discovered ozone depletion are raising the red flag again by suggesting that ozone recovery will cause global warming in Antarctica and catastrophic rises in sea level.
  • An infamous global warming hockey stick would result in a “20-foot sea level rise in the near future” (Al Gore, 2006). This prediction came from a man who lives in a 20-room mansion and uses 12 times the energy of the average homeowner in Nashville, Tennessee.


  • The latest nonsense comes from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. In 2018, this organization published a report that stated unless an unprecedented effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is implemented by 2030, the planet will see a catastrophic 1.5o C increase in temperature by 2052 and 3o C by 2100. According to this report, “rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society” are required to achieve the announced goal of a carbon-neutral world by 2050.



Green new deal politicians, led of course by the Queen of Queens, New York Congresswoman Sandy Cortez, who readily admits she is unconcerned with facts when espousing fictional propaganda and fake news, were giddy. Cortez tweeted: “Millennials and people, you know, Gen Z and all these folks that will come after us are looking up and we’re like: ‘The world is gonna end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change and your biggest issue is how are we gonna pay for it?’



That was three years ago, so using some “systemically racist” math, i.e., old-school arithmetic, we only have nine years left to change our evil ways and avoid TEOTWAWKI …Yikes!




We should be aware that this half century of eco-fascist drivel is mere psychological propaganda by people who hate America and everything it stands for. It is a platform designed to strike fear into the average citizen, brainwash our progeny, induce compliance by the meek and frail, erode individual rights, lay waste to Heartland values, destroy capitalism, discard the Constitution, and install a collectivist regime to further an elitist-globalist-socialist, one-world government agenda.



I am from Missouri, which celebrates its bicentennial as a State of the Union on August 10. Here the castle doctrine reigns supreme and I choose to stand my ground.



Perhaps it is time to determine your position and like a good Boy Scout, be prepared.



As always, do not tread on me and I will not tread on you.



Ciao for now,



Mickey Fulp

Mercenary Geologist




The Mercenary Geologist Michael S. “Mickey” Fulp is a Certified Professional Geologist with a B.Sc. Earth Sciences with honor from the University of Tulsa, and M.Sc. Geology from the University of New Mexico. Mickey has over 40 years of experience as an exploration geologist and analyst searching for economic deposits of base and precious metals, industrial minerals, uranium, coal, oil and gas, and water in North and South America, Europe, and Asia.


Mickey worked for junior explorers, major mining companies, private companies, and investors as a consulting economic geologist for over 20 years, specializing in geological mapping, property evaluation, and business development.  In addition to Mickey’s professional credentials and experience, he is high-altitude proficient, and is bilingual in English and Spanish. From 2003 to 2006, he made four outcrop ore discoveries in Peru, Nevada, Chile, and British Columbia.


Mickey is well-known and highly respected throughout the mining and exploration community due to his ongoing work as an analyst, writer, and speaker.




Disclaimer and Notice: I am not a certified financial analyst, broker, or professional qualified to offer investment advice. Nothing in any report, commentary, this website, interview, and other content constitutes or can be construed as investment advice or an offer or solicitation or advice to buy or sell stock or any asset or investment. All of my presentations should be considered an opinion and my opinions may be based upon information obtained from research of public documents and content available on the company’s website, regulatory filings, various stock exchange websites, and stock information services, through discussions with company representatives, agents, other professionals and investors, and field visits. My opinions are based upon information believed to be accurate and reliable, but my opinions are not guaranteed or implied to be so. The opinions presented may not be complete or correct; all information is provided without any legal responsibility or obligation to provide future updates. I accept no responsibility and no liability, whatsoever, for any direct, indirect, special, punitive, or consequential damages or loss arising from the use of my opinions or information. The information contained in a report, commentary, this website, interview, and other content is subject to change without notice, may become outdated, and may not be updated. A report, commentary, this website, interview, and other content reflect my personal opinions and views and nothing more. All content of this website is subject to international copyright protection and no part or portion of this website, report, commentary, interview, and other content may be altered, reproduced, copied, emailed, faxed, or distributed in any form without the express written consent of Michael S. (Mickey) Fulp, LLC.


Copyright © 2021 Mercenary, LLC. All Rights Reserved.




Posted June 4, 2021

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