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Orezone Intersects 113.74 g/t Gold Over 8.00m in Ongoing Exploration and Provides Project Update

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Orezone Intersects 113.74 g/t Gold Over 8.00m in Ongoing Exploration and Provides Project Update






Orezone Gold Corporation (TSX: ORE) (OTCQX: ORZCF) is pleased to provide drill results from its Bomboré Gold Mine located in central Burkina Faso. The results are from Orezone’s ongoing infill and advanced grade control program, which is designed to further delineate multiple high-grade structures within the Siga East and Siga South zones. Mining of higher-grade, free-digging oxides has now commenced at Siga East and mining is scheduled to commence at Siga South in Q4-2024. Compared to the current zones mined, ore from Siga East and Siga South will significantly improve the grades delivered to the process plant in H2-2024 and into 2025.


Selected Drill Intercepts:

  • 113.74 g/t Au over 8.00m from 38.00m in hole BBC6494
  • 1.43 g/t Au over 38.00m from 5.00m in hole BBC6384
  • 1.22 g/t Au over 27.00m from 8.00m in hole BBC6390
  • 1.39 g/t Au over 22.00m from 10.00m in hole BBC6352
  • 1.92 g/t Au over 15.00m from 5.00m in hole BBC6358
  • 2.30 g/t Au over 12.00m from 6.00m in hole BBC6401
  • 1.69 g/t Au over 16.00m from 6.00m in hole BBC6408
  • 4.59 g/t Au over 5.00m from 0.00m in hole BBC6258
  • 1.89 g/t Au over 12.00m from 35.00m in hole BBC6470
  • 2.41 g/t Au over 10.00m from 5.00m in hole BBC6258
  • 1.00 g/t Au over 19.00m from 1.00m in hole BBC6495


Patrick Downey, President and CEO stated, “Ongoing advanced grade control and infill drilling continues to illustrate the continuity of high-grade mineralization within the Siga East and Siga South zones, resulting in some of the highest-grade intercepts reported to-date on the property. These drill results are very encouraging, both in terms of ongoing exploration and the planned shift in mining to increasingly focus on higher-grade, free-digging oxides within the southern portion of the property.


The tighter drill spacing continues to define higher-grade structures within the broader Siga mineralized corridor. These higher-grade structures, now being identified across the property, will be the focus of a multi-year exploration campaign, which is designed to test and delineate higher-grade zones of mineralization at depth. With the current mineral resource down to an average depth of ~200m across 14km of strike, we see significant potential to expand the mineral inventory at depth, while also making additional near-surface discoveries along the emerging, higher-grade P17 trend.”


Figure 1: Bomboré Plan Map



Operations Update


The Company is pleased to report that the community relocation from Siga East to the new MV3 community is nearing completion, which has allowed mining to commence at Siga East ahead of schedule. The Company expects to feed higher-grade, free-digging oxide ore from Siga East to the Bomboré oxide plant starting in late June. This new source of ore will replace the lower grade oxide and transition ores currently being mined in the north, resulting in lower mining and processing costs as the harder transition ores require a certain amount of drill and blast and have a higher work index than oxide ores.


At Siga South, infill grade control drilling will commence in Q3-2024. Upon completion of this program, combined with the southern extension of the main haul road, the Company expects to access additional high-grade, free-digging oxide ore from Siga South commencing in Q4-2024.


For the remainder of 2024 and in 2025, Siga East and Siga South will contribute to an increasing percentage of the mill feed, which is expected to increase head grades and reduce operating costs



Hard Rock Expansion Update


Orezone is pleased to report that financing discussions for the Bomboré 2.5M tonnes per annum hard rock plant have progressed significantly with our senior lender, Coris Bank. Term sheet negotiations are now in their final stages, and the Company expects to announce a binding debt package before the end of June. The Company plans to commence major works on this brownfield expansion in early July, with first gold from the hard rock plant expected in Q4-2025.


Bomboré Drill Results


Table 1: Highlight Drill Intercepts from Siga East and Siga South


Hole From (m) To (m) Length (m)** Grade (g/t Au) Zone Type
BBC6142 2.00 9.00 7.00 1.68 Siga East Oxide
incl. 3.00 4.00 1.00 7.28 Siga East Oxide
BBC6191 35.00 43.00 8.00 1.67 Siga East Hard Rock
incl. 36.00 37.00 1.00 7.94 Siga East Hard Rock
BBC6205 3.00 6.00 3.00 4.55 Siga East Oxide
BBC6209 23.00 33.00 10.00 1.38 Siga East Hard Rock
incl. 25.00 26.00 1.00 4.40 Siga East Hard Rock
BBC6246 46.00 47.00 1.00 18.26 Siga East Hard Rock
BBC6253 3.00 21.00 18.00 1.11 Siga East Oxide
incl. 17.00 19.00 2.00 5.16 Siga East Oxide
BBC6257 9.00 16.00 7.00 1.97 Siga East Oxide
incl. 9.00 10.00 1.00 10.22 Siga East Oxide
BBC6258 0.00 5.00 5.00 4.59 Siga East Oxide***
and 5.00 15.00 10.00 2.41 Siga East Oxide
incl. 12.00 14.00 2.00 6.70 Siga East Oxide
BBC6263 2.00 19.00 17.00 0.70 Siga East Oxide
BBC6264 12.00 18.00 6.00 2.37 Siga East Oxide
incl. 16.00 17.00 1.00 10.88 Siga East Oxide
and 18.00 23.00 5.00 2.15 Siga East Hard Rock
and 30.00 43.00 13.00 0.78 Siga East Hard Rock
incl. 36.00 40.00 4.00 1.18 Siga East Hard Rock
BBC6308 47.00 54.00 7.00 1.57 Siga East Hard Rock
BBC6334 7.00 15.00 8.00 2.19 Siga South Oxide
incl. 9.00 11.00 2.00 7.55 Siga South Oxide
BBC6347 8.00 19.00 11.00 0.97 Siga South Oxide
incl. 9.00 15.00 6.00 1.42 Siga South Oxide
BBC6352 10.00 32.00 22.00 1.39 Siga South Oxide
and 32.00 44.00 12.00 1.21 Siga South Hard Rock
BBC6353 4.00 25.00 21.00 1.02 Siga South Oxide
incl. 17.00 19.00 2.00 2.18 Siga South Oxide
BBC6358 5.00 20.00 15.00 1.92 Siga South Oxide
incl. 13.00 14.00 1.00 10.98 Siga South Oxide
BBC6359 11.00 33.00 22.00 0.94 Siga South Oxide
incl. 32.00 33.00 1.00 3.13 Siga South Oxide
and 33.00 48.00 15.00 0.95 Siga South Hard Rock
incl. 41.00 43.00 2.00 2.31 Siga South Hard Rock
BBC6360 18.00 33.00 15.00 0.70 Siga South Oxide
BBC6361 5.00 36.00 31.00 0.50 Siga South Oxide
BBC6374 9.00 20.00 11.00 1.88 Siga South Oxide
incl. 12.00 16.00 4.00 4.25 Siga South Oxide
BBC6380 18.00 30.00 12.00 1.29 Siga South Oxide
incl. 18.00 22.00 4.00 3.98 Siga South Oxide
BBC6383 24.00 44.00 20.00 0.91 Siga South Oxide
BBC6384 5.00 43.00 38.00 1.43 Siga South Oxide
incl. 27.00 35.00 8.00 2.87 Siga South Oxide
BBC6385 5.00 15.00 10.00 2.40 Siga South Oxide
BBC6389 8.00 19.00 11.00 1.00 Siga South Oxide
incl. 13.00 16.00 3.00 2.04 Siga South Oxide
BBC6390 8.00 35.00 27.00 1.22 Siga South Oxide
and 39.00 46.00 7.00 2.63 Siga South Hard Rock
BBC6391 23.00 40.00 17.00 0.86 Siga South Oxide
incl. 34.00 35.00 1.00 2.61 Siga South Oxide
BBC6392 31.00 35.00 4.00 4.82 Siga South Hard Rock
incl. 32.00 33.00 1.00 16.62 Siga South Hard Rock
BBC6401 6.00 18.00 12.00 2.30 Siga South Oxide
incl. 9.00 11.00 2.00 10.04 Siga South Oxide
BBC6403 3.00 8.00 5.00 2.38 Siga South Oxide
BBC6404 8.00 22.00 14.00 0.86 Siga South Oxide
incl. 9.00 13.00 4.00 1.44 Siga South Oxide
BBC6405 9.00 28.00 19.00 1.59 Siga South Oxide
incl. 15.00 26.00 11.00 2.75 Siga South Oxide
BBC6407 8.00 34.00 26.00 0.83 Siga South Oxide
incl. 23.00 24.00 1.00 3.29 Siga South Oxide
BBC6408 6.00 22.00 16.00 1.69 Siga South Oxide
incl. 8.00 19.00 11.00 2.06 Siga South Oxide
BBC6470* 35.00 47.00 12.00 1.89 Siga South Hard Rock
incl. 38.00 47.00 9.00 2.19 Siga South Hard Rock
BBC6484* 3.00 21.00 18.00 0.64 Siga South Oxide
BBC6493* 6.00 15.00 9.00 1.42 Siga South Oxide
incl. 9.00 15.00 6.00 1.73 Siga South Oxide
BBC6494* 38.00 46.00 8.00 113.74 Siga South Hard Rock
incl. 43.00 44.00 1.00 862.74 Siga South Hard Rock
BBC6495* 1.00 20.00 19.00 1.00 Siga South Oxide
incl. 17.00 18.00 1.00 4.05 Siga South Oxide
BBC6496* 3.00 18.00 15.00 0.68 Siga South Oxide
incl. 12.00 18.00 6.00 0.91 Siga South Oxide

* Preliminary results without leach residue assays. Final grades will typically increase by 4-6% from those stated.
** True widths for Siga East and Siga South drilling are approximately 90% of drilled lengths.
*** Post-Birimian colluvial material.


About Orezone Gold Corporation


Orezone Gold Corporation is a West African gold producer engaged in mining, developing, and exploring its flagship Bomboré Gold Mine in Burkina Faso. The Bomboré mine achieved commercial production on its oxide operations on December 1, 2022, and is now focused on its staged hard rock expansion that is expected to materially increase annual and life-of-mine gold production from the processing of hard rock mineral reserves. Orezone is led by an experienced team focused on social responsibility and sustainability with a proven track record in project construction and operations, financings, capital markets and M&A.


The technical report entitled Bomboré Phase II Expansion, Definitive Feasibility Study is available on SEDAR+ and the Company’s website.


Qualified Person


Dr. Pascal Marquis, Geo., Senior VP Exploration, is the Qualified Person who has approved the scientific and technical information in this news release.




The mineralized intervals are based on a lower cut-off grade of 0.28 gpt in the Oxide+Upper Transition zone, and 0.45 g/t Au in the Lower Transition+Sulfide zone, a minimal width of 1.5m and up to a maximum of 3.0m of dilution being included. The true width of the mineralization is approximately 90% of the drill length at Siga. The reverse circulation samples were prepared by BIGS Global Burkina s.a.r.l. (“BIGS Global”) at their Ouagadougou facility and then split by Orezone to 1 kg using Rotary Sample Dividers (“RSDs”). A 1-kg aliquot was analyzed for leachable gold at BIGS Global in Ouagadougou, by bottle-roll cyanidation using a LeachWellTM catalyst. The leach residues from all samples with a leach grade greater than or equal to 0.25 g/t Au were prepared by BIGS Global and then split by Orezone to 50 g using RSDs. A 50-g aliquot was analyzed by fire assay at BIGS Global.


Orezone employs a rigorous Quality Control Program including a minimum of 10% standards, blanks and duplicates. The composite width and grade include the final leach residue assay results for most of the drill intercepts reported.


Posted June 12, 2024

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