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Frontier Lithium Inc. (TSX-V: FL) (FRA: HL2) (OTCQX: LITOF) is pleased to announce the results from the drilling completed during the Phase XI drill program on the Spark pegmatite. Phase XI drilling was completed in March 2022 with a total of 1,342.5m in five holes completed. The Spark pegmatite is one of the two delineated premium spodumene-bearing lithium deposits on the PAK Lithium Project.



  • DDH PL-054-22 intersected 95m of 1.31% Li2O from 2.6 to 97.6m including 26m of 2.38% Li2O with elevated Ta2O5 of 200 ppm;
  • DDH PL-055-22 intersected 69.5m averaging 1.39% Li2O from 16.5 to 86m.
    • A highly enriched 22.5m tantalum zone was intersected from 180 to 202.6m grading 754 ppm Ta2O5 with the lower 8.6 m averaging just over 0.1% Ta2O5.
  • DDH PL-056-22 intersected an upper (81.5m) and lower (94.3m) mineralized pegmatite zones grading 1.35 and 1.34% Li2O;
    • The lower zone (219 to 313m) was unexpected and appears to be an en-echelon extension of the Spark deposit to the NW.
    • Between the upper and lower zones, narrower (7.1 and 12.9m) spodumene-bearing aplitic zones occur with elevated tantalum (up to 536 ppm Ta2O5) and rubidium (up to 0.74% Rb2O).
  • Geomechanical hole PL-GDH-09-22 intersected high-grade spodumene from surface to 24.3m averaging 2.46% Li2O;
    • Includes an upper 10m zone averaging 3.64% Li2O.


“The Spark deposit is a leading North American lithium-cesium-tantalum pegmatite with significant size and grades. With the mineralized strike length extended to the west via step-out holes and the discovery of a new zone, we have confidence that the deposit has high potential to continue to increase in size. ” states Garth Drever, V.P. Exploration “We are also beginning to intersect significant tantalum bearing aplitic zones that are close to the grades seen at the Tanco mine(1) at Bernic Lake in Manitoba”.


The primary objective for the Phase XI drill program was to focus on low-ground drilling (best drilled in the winter months) to define the western limit of the Spark deposit. Instead, our drilling confirmed that the deposit remains open to the west and we discovered a new zone to the NW that will need further investigation in the future.  Two of five geomechanical holes were completed with three delineation holes; two of which were collared in muskeg areas. Figure 1 is a location map showing the project area including Frontier’s land tenure and location of the three lithium-cesium-tantalum pegmatites. It also includes a plan map of the Spark pegmatite with drill hole traces highlighting the Phase XI drilling completed in February-March 2022.



Figure 1: Compilation Map showing the project area and a plan map of the Spark Deposit


Table 1 details the delineation drill holes with mineralized intersections while Table 2 details the intersections from the Geomechanical holes for Phase XI drill holes.  Table 3 summarizes all the Phase XI drill holes


Table 1: Details of Mineralized Intersections in the delineation Holes


Drill Hole                   PL-054-22 Infill/definition drilling to bring DDH spacing to 30-40m and to confirm/test en-echelon pegmatite pods at depth in the southwest of the main pegmatite body. Intersected 95m of 1.13% Li2O with (16 to 26m) of 2.84 and 2.38% Li2O with associated elevated Ta2O5 of up to 200 ppm.
Zone From (m) To    (m) Width (m) Li2O  (%) Cs2O (%) Ta2O5 (ppm) Nb2O5 (ppm) SnO2 (ppm) Rb2O (%) Unit
Lithium Enriched 2.6 97.6 95.0 1.13 0.02 132 78 50 0.29 Aplitic Pegmatite
including Ta-Enriched 67.0 93.0 26.0 2.38 0.03 201 72 45 0.44 Pegmatite
including 77.0 93.0 16.0 2.84 0.02 164 68 40 0.28 Pegmatite
Lithium Enriched 185.2 192.2 7.0 1.55 0.01 45 48 30 0.19 Aplitic Pegmatite
Drill Hole                    PL-055-22 Designed to test the western extent of pegmatite from the south.  Intersected predominately an aplitic pegmatite with a 69.5m intersection averaging 1.39% Li2O from 16.5 to 86m.  A highly enriched 22.5m Tantalum zone was intersected from 180 to 202.6m with a grade of 754 ppm Ta2O5 with the lower 8.6 m averaging just over 0.1% Ta2O5.
Zone From (m) To    (m) Width (m) Li2O  (%) Cs2O (%) Ta2O5 (ppm) Nb2O5 (ppm) SnO2 (ppm) Rb2O (%) Unit
Lithium Enriched 16.5 86.0 69.5 1.39 0.01 82 134 49 0.17 Aplitic Pegmatite
including 52.5 86.0 33.5 1.80 0.01 38 118 38 0.19 Aplitic Pegmatite
including 62.5 80.0 17.5 2.34 0.01 32 114 32 0.13 Pegmatite
Ta-Li-Rb-Enriched 180.1 202.6 22.5 0.93 0.22 754 89 316 0.85 Pegmatite
including 194.0 202.6 8.6 0.92 0.23 1026 105 402 0.92 Pegmatite
Drill Hole                  PL-056-22 Continued to test the western extent by stepping out 50 m west of PL-055-22.  The hole intersected both an upper (81.5m) and lower (94.3m) mineralized pegmatite zones grading 1.35% Li2O separated by narrower (7.1 and 12.9m) aplitic zones with elevated tantalum (up to 536 ppm Ta2O5) and rubidium (up to 0.74% Rb2O).  The lower zone (219 to 313m) appears to be an en-echelon extension of the Spark deposit.
Zone From (m) To    (m) Width (m) Li2O  (%) Cs2O (%) Ta2O5 (ppm) Nb2O5 (ppm) SnO2 (ppm) Rb2O (%) Unit
Li-Enriched 14.5 96.0 81.5 1.35 0.02 81 100 44 0.21 Aplitic Pegmatite
including 26.5 81.0 54.5 1.74 0.01 75 103 45 0.23 Pegmatite
including 39.0 65.0 26.0 2.45 0.01 65 88 45 0.18 Pegmatite
Li-Ta-Rb-Enriched 171.0 183.9 12.9 0.98 0.13 536 103 222 0.74 Aplite
Li-Rb-Enriched 201.9 209.0 7.1 1.60 0.12 160 47 165 0.59 Aplite
Li-Ta-Enriched 219.0 313.3 94.3 1.34 0.11 157 53 143 0.54 Pegmatite
including 238.1 307.6 69.5 1.60 0.12 160 47 165 0.59 Pegmatite
including 257.7 266.0 8.3 0.87 0.18 304 75 352 0.31 Pegmatite


Table 2: Details in Intersections in the Geomechanical holes


Drill Hole
Designed as a Geomechanical test hole; testing north end pit wall midway down and to define the northern pegmatite contact.  Intersected 21m of 2.46% Li2O with narrower (10 to 16m) of 3.64 and 3.16% Li2O, respectively. Intersected moderately fractured and broken core from 80 to 120m.  Majority of core is relatively competent
Zone From (m) To    (m) Width (m) Li2O  (%) Cs2O (%) Ta2O5 (ppm) Nb2O5 (ppm) SnO2 (ppm) Rb2O (%) Unit
Li- Enriched 3.4 24.3 20.9 2.46 0.02 55 107 20 0.14 Aplitic Pegmatite
including 3.4 19.4 16.0 3.16 0.01 39 48 19 0.16 Pegmatite
including 9.4 19.4 10.0 3.64 0.01 43 52 16 0.07 Pegmatite
Drill Hole
Designed as a Geomechanical test hole for SW pit wall designed to go 40m past pit wall edge.  Intersected spodumene poor aplite (18.6 to 31.7m). Remained of hole is mainly competent mafic volcanics with a 5m increased fracture zone from 143 to 147m
Zone From (m) To    (m) Width (m) Li2O  (%) Cs2O (%) Ta2O5 (ppm) Nb2O5 (ppm) SnO2 (ppm) Rb2O (%) Unit
Li- Poor 18.6 31.7 13.1 0.17 0.01 156 93 55 0.10 Aplitic pegmatite


Table 3:  Summary of Phase XI Drill Program


DDHNo Date Drilled UTM Zone 15N (NAD83) Collar Orient Metres Drilled
Start End Easting Northing (mASL) Azim Dip Start End
Phase XI PL-054-22 2022-02-25 2022-03-02 472,662 5,829,488 353.5 180.4 -58 0 360.0
PL-055-22 2022-03-07 2022-03-10 472,631 5,829,296 326.0 343.5 -48.9 0 249.0
PL-056-22 2022-03-10 2022-03-16 472,583 5,829,297 327.7 347.73 -48.9 0 351.0
PL-GDH-09-22 2022-03-03 2022-03-06 472,661 5,829,489 353.5 345.7 -45 0 223.5
PL-GDH-10A-22 2022-03-18 2022-03-19 472,657 5,829,279 326.8 183.5 -46.8 0 159.0
Total metres drilled  1,342.5



During the winter program, a second drill was mobilized to the project area along with fuel, drill supplies and additional camp supplies to support Frontier’s 2022 summer exploration program, in part to complete final phase of drilling required to satisfy requirements for the prefeasibility study.


(1) The original size of the Tanco pegmatite was 57,427,342 tonnes with a maximum thickness of 100m (Stilling, A., Cerney., P., and Vanstone, P.; 2006, The Tanco Pegmatite at Bernic Lake, Manitoba, The Canadian Mineralogist; Vol. 44 pp. 599-623). The bulk chemical composition for Li2O and Ta2O5 was 0.74% and 366ppm, respectively at Tanco. The Tanco Mine is located in southeastern Manitoba and was a lithium mineral concentrate producer from 1986 until operations were suspended in 2009. Tanco was also a tantalum mineral concentrate producer until March 2013 when operation of this circuit ceased.


Due Diligence


All scientific and technical information in this release has been reviewed and approved by Garth Drever, P.Geo., the qualified person under the definitions established by National Instrument 43-101.  Under Frontier’s QA/QC procedures, all drilling was completed by Chenier Drilling Ltd. of Val Caron, ON using thin walled BTW drill rods (4.2 cm core diameter) and a Reflex ACT III oriented core system. Using the Reflex system, the drill core was oriented and marked as it was retrieved at the drill. The core was boxed and delivered to the Frontier core shack where it was examined, geologically logged, and marked for sampling. The core was photographed prior to sampling.  Using a rock saw, the marked sample intervals were halved with one-half bagged for analysis. Sample blanks along with lithium, rubidium and cesium certified reference material was routinely inserted into the sample stream in accordance with industry recommended practices. Field duplicate samples were also taken in accordance with industry recommended practices. The samples were placed in poly sample bags and transported to Red Lake by Frontier employees and then shipped to AGAT Laboratories Ltd. (AGAT) in Mississauga, Ontario for processing and quantitative multi-element analysis.  AGAT is an ISO accredited laboratory. The core is stored on site at the Pakeagama Lake exploration camp.


About Frontier Lithium


Frontier Lithium is a preproduction business that is targeting to become a manufacturer of battery-quality lithium materials to support electric vehicle and battery supply chains in North America. Frontier is developing the PAK Lithium Project which contains one of North America’s highest-grade, large-tonnage hard-rock lithium resources in the form of a rare low-iron spodumene. The project continues to have significant exploration upside with potential to increase the lithium resource. The Company is a pure-play lithium development opportunity with the largest land position in a premium lithium mineral district located in Northern Ontario.


About PAK Lithium Project


The PAK Lithium Project contains North America’s highest grade lithium resource that is top three in size on the continent and is considered premium quality globally as a result of its rare low-iron spodumene. A 2021 preliminary economic assessment (National Instrument 43-101 technical report titled “Pak Property” by BBA E&C Inc., issued on April 5, 2021) delivered a fully integrated lithium operation from the resource to achieve downstream conversion plan for production of battery-quality lithium salts. The study resulted in an after-tax net present value (discounted at 8 per cent) of $974-million (U.S.) with a 21-per-cent internal rate of return. The Project encompasses close to 27,000 hectares at the south end of Ontario’s Electric Avenue, the largest land package hosting premium lithium-bearing pegmatites in Ontario. The Project is supported by a measured and indicated resource of 21.64 million tonnes (Mt) averaging 1.56 per cent lithium oxide (Li2O) and inferred resource of 20.87 Mt averaging 1.42 per cent Li2O.The Project covers 65 kilometres of the Electric Avenue’s length and remains largely unexplored; however, since 2013, the company has delineated two premium spodumene-bearing lithium deposits (PAK and Spark), located 2.3 kilometres apart. Considerable exploration upside is supported on the Project through two other spodumene-bearing discoveries: the Bolt pegmatite (located between the PAK and Spark deposits), as well as the Pennock pegmatite (25 kilometres northwest of PAK Deposit within the project claims).





Posted June 8, 2022

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