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Tudor Gold Intersects 3.286 Gpt AuEq over 82.5 Meters Within 531.0 Meters of 0.999 Gpt AuEq (Hole Gs-20-92) and 1.112 Gpt AuEq over 532.5 Meters Within 1,033.5 Meters of 0.856 Gpt AuEq (Hole Gs-20-91) in the 300 Horizon of the Goldstorm Zone at Treaty Creek

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Tudor Gold Intersects 3.286 Gpt AuEq over 82.5 Meters Within 531.0 Meters of 0.999 Gpt AuEq (Hole Gs-20-92) and 1.112 Gpt AuEq over 532.5 Meters Within 1,033.5 Meters of 0.856 Gpt AuEq (Hole Gs-20-91) in the 300 Horizon of the Goldstorm Zone at Treaty Creek






Tudor Gold Corp. (TSX-V: TUD) (FSE: TUC) is pleased to present results for the last set of diamond drill holes for the Goldstorm Zone at their flagship property, Treaty Creek. The project is located within the heart of the Golden Triangle of Northwestern British Columbia which is on-trend from Seabridge’s KSM Project located five kilometers southwest of the Goldstorm Zone. Results from sampling of 9,621.7 meters of HQ and NQ2 core, from 11 diamond drill holes, have recently been received from MSA Labs. Tudor Gold has completed 50 diamond drill holes at the Goldstorm System (GS) and three diamond drill holes at the Perfect Storm Zone, for respective totals of approximately 44,000 meters (GS) and 1,600 meters (PSZ) during the 2020 exploration season. It was necessary to abandon two of the final drill holes as ground conditions prevented the safe completion of GS-20-99 and GS-20-101 late in the season, however, significant gold and silver mineralization was encountered in GS-20-99 (0.647 gpt AuEq over 109.5 meters) and this hole ended in strong stockwork within the DS5 System. Unfortunately drill hole GS-20-101 was abandoned before intersecting the area of the intended target and this hole will be re-drilled in 2021. From the remaining 51 drill holes, all but one were successful in intersecting the intended targets.


Tudor Gold’s Vice President of Project Development, Ken Konkin, P.Geo., states: “We are very pleased with the results obtained from our 2020 exploration program and we anticipate the completion of an initial resource estimate over the next few months. We are also determined to continue the exploration efforts in 2021 to better define and potentially expand the Goldstorm and Perfect Storm Systems. It was not possible to attempt drilling at some of our high priority exploration targets due to the rapid accumulation of snow in late November and December that caused avalanche hazards, therefore, these sites remain as excellent drill targets. We have since received our explosives permit and have purchased an explosives magazine so our avalanche teams can now safely remove snow build-up for the up-coming exploration season. Our goal is to again have a late spring start-up so that we can effectively prepare the slopes to allow drilling in the northeast area of the Goldstorm System that was not completed in 2020. The Au-Ag-Cu mineralization remains open to the northeast and to the southeast, with the possible exception of section 114+00 NE, where the easternmost drill hole (GS-20-102) may have defined the southeast limit in that area.”


Goldstorm Highlights include:


  • Eleven diamond drill holes in this release totalling 9,621.7 meters; the favorable composite results are listed in Table 1 below.
  • Best near-surface intercept was from the 300 Horizon in GS-20-91 on Section 112+50 NE that averaged 0.856 gpt AuEq over 1033.5 meters (60.0-1093.5 m) containing an enriched portion of 532.5 meters (60.0-592.5 m) that averaged 1.112 gpt AuEq.
  • GS-20-92 also had a remarkable 82.5 meter intercept (213.0-295.5 m) of 3.286 gpt AuEq within the 300 Horizon, which is the highest grade gold composite interval drilled to date on the project. This lies within a longer intercept of 531.0 meters (90.0-621.0 m) averaging 0.999 gpt AuEq.
  • An aggressive 150 meter step-out drill hole (GS-20-99) extended the DS-5 Zone further to southeast on section 115+50 NE. The intercept averaged 0.647 gpt AuEq over 109.5 meters (855.5-965.0 m). The hole was lost at 965.0 meters in strong stockwork and DS5-type mineralization. The system remains open to the northeast and southeast along Section 115+50 NE.


The following two tables below provide the complete list of composited drill hole results as well as the drill hole data including hole location, elevation, depth, dip and azimuth.



Table l: Gold equivalent composite values from eleven Goldstorm Zone drill holes


Section Hole Zone From To Interval (m) Au Ag Cu AuEq
108+00 NE GS-20-100 300H 29.0 600.5 571.5 0.521 2.95 173 0.582
including 402.5 555.5 153.0 0.795 6.00 184 0.895
109+00 NE GS-20-95 300H 12.0 256.5 244.5 0.671 1.98 165 0.719
CS600 412.5 559.5 147.0 0.562 1.03 345 0.625
GS-20-98 300H 10.5 282.0 271.5 0.717 1.94 96 0.755
including 10.5 214.5 204.0 0.850 2.39 108 0.895
112+50 NE GS-20-87 300H 85.5 277.5 192.0 0.894 4.03 131 0.962
and 337.5 348.0 10.5 1.444 5.49 143 1.531
CS600 517.5 663.0 145.5 0.461 8.24 2689 0.958
DS5 702.0 804.0 102.0 0.820 4.08 141 0.890
GS-20-91 300H 60.0 1093.5 1033.5 0.759 4.66 275 0.856
including 60.0 909.0 849.0 0.828 3.67 292 0.916
or including 60.0 592.5 532.5 1.018 3.71 334 1.112
114+00 NE GS-20-84 300H 167.0 179.0 12.0 0.467 5.99 56 0.547
CS600 524.0 690.5 166.5 0.322 9.48 2502 0.807
DS5 930.5 1019.0 88.5 0.576 12.49 225 0.760
GS-20-92 300H 90.0 1020.0 930.0 0.637 1.72 160 0.682
including 90.0 621.0 531.0 0.944 1.96 213 0.999
and including 213.0 295.5 82.5 3.220 3.74 144 3.286
GS-20-102 No Significant Values              
115+50 NE GS-20-88 300H 178.5 444.0 265.5 0.642 1.37 79 0.670
and 519.0 582.0 63.0 0.891 1.50 110 0.925
and 640.5 681.0 40.5 0.671 2.39 588 0.787
CS600 748.5 898.5 150.0 0.302 1.62 2226 0.651
DS5 1162.5 1432.5 270.0 0.466 2.84 91 0.514
GS-20-99* DS5 855.5 965.0 109.5 0.549 6.81 106 0.647
117+00 NE GS-20-101* lost hole re-drill in 2021          
  *Lost Hole                


  • All assay values are uncut and intervals reflect drilled intercept lengths.
  • HQ and NQ2 diameter core samples were sawn in half and typically sampled at standard 1.5m intervals.
  • The following metal prices were used to calculate the Au Eq metal content: Gold $1322/oz, Ag: $15.91/oz, Cu: $2.86/lb. Calculations used the formula Au Eq g/t = (Au g/t) + (Ag g/t x 0.012) + (Cu% x 1.4835). All metals are reported in USD and calculations do not consider metal recoveries.
  • True widths have not been determined as the mineralized body remains open in all directions. Further drilling is required to determine the mineralized body orientation and true widths.



Table ll: Drill Data for Holes for Press Release January 7th, 2021


Section Hole ID UTM E NAD83 UTM N NAD83 Elevation (m) Azi (°) Dip (°) Depth (m)
108+00 NE GS-20-100 428355.0 6272668.2 1301.1 295 -55 812.0
109+00 NE GS-20-95 428415.8 6272747.3 1289.3 115 -57 582.0
GS-20-98 428413.9 6272748.1 1290.1 115 -68 534.0
112+50 NE GS-20-87 428541.3 6273076.8 1366.1 115 -60 937.7
GS-20-91 428667.0 6273018.0 1287.0 287 -50 1191.0
114+00 NE GS-20-84 428659.1 6273197.5 1368.7 115 -69 1064.0
GS-20-92 428810.8 6273080.1 1255.6 287 -45 1023.0
GS-20-102 429094.6 6272944.2 1234.1 290 -90 725.0
115+50 NE GS-20-88 428781.4 6273288.4 1345.1 295 -75 1440.0
GS-20-99* 429128.7 6273106.3 1223.7 290 -85 965.0
117+00 NE GS-20-101* 429226.7 6273216.6 1211.0 290 -90 348.0
  *Lost Hole            



Attached are Sections 108+00 NE, 109+00 NE, 112+50 NE, 114+00 NE and 115+50 NE showing holes traces with gold and copper histogram results and a Plan Map showing the drill hole and section locations.


Walter Storm, President and CEO, stated: “Our goal for Tudor Gold is to fast-track the exploration of our flagship Treaty Creek Project. We continue to advance the project on several fronts including completing our initial metallurgical work on the Goldstorm System, for which an update will be issued later this month. In addition, we recently completed the first year of an on-going water sampling program and purchased a climate station that will monitor on-site environmental conditions, providing the data required for base-line studies. Furthermore, we are preparing a winter access plan to start the 2021 exploration season as soon as the major snowfall season comes to an end in the coming spring. This approach worked extremely well for our start-up team that was able to walk-in heavy equipment on the snowpack in 2020, allowing us to start drilling much earlier than previous years. In so doing, we hit a corporate-best for drilling this past year with the completion of 53 drill holes totalling over 45,600 meters. We thank our team of men and women who worked safely and diligently during these extremely difficult conditions.”


Tudor Gold Corp and our associated service companies have taken extreme measures to maintain the highest professional standards while working within COVID-19 health and safety protocols. Only essential personnel are permitted to enter the camp and staging areas. Of those who are at the project site and staging site, we have strict daily monitoring of the workers’ temperatures and general health conditions. We have a certified paramedic at the staging area to examine all in-coming and out-going Tudor personnel and all service providers.




Drill core samples were prepared at MSA Labs’ Preparation Laboratory in Terrace, BC and assayed at MSA Labs’ Geochemical Laboratory in Langley, BC. Analytical accuracy and precision are monitored by the submission of blanks, certified standards and duplicate samples inserted at regular intervals into the sample stream by Tudor Gold personnel. MSA Laboratories quality system complies with the requirements for the International Standards ISO 17025 and ISO 9001. MSA Labs is independent of the Company.


Qualified Person


The Qualified Person for this news release for the purposes of National Instrument 43-101 is the Company’s Vice President Project Development, Ken Konkin, P.Geo. He has read and approved the scientific and technical information that forms the basis for the disclosure contained in this news release.


About Tudor Gold


Tudor Gold is a precious and base metals explorer with properties in British Columbia’s Golden Triangle, an area that hosts producing and past-producing mines and several large deposits that are approaching potential development. The 17,913 hectare Treaty Creek project (in which Tudor Gold has a 60% interest) borders Seabridge Gold Inc.’s KSM property to the southwest and borders Pretium Resources Inc.’s Brucejack property to the southeast. The Company also has a 100% interest in the Electrum Project, earn in options and 100% interests in other prospective projects located in the Golden Triangle area.


Goldstorm Zone Plan View

Goldstorm Zone Section 108+00 NE

Goldstorm Zone Section 109+00 NE

Goldstorm Zone Section 112+50 NE


Goldstorm Zone Section 114+00 NE

Goldstorm Zone Section 115+50 NE


Posted January 7, 2021

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