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This Week on the CSE – March 4th through 8th






By Christian Granholm

Spin-off green dollars getting soaked up by a delighted advertising industry.



This day in Canadian history, March 6, 1997: The House of Commons passes Bill C-71, the Tobacco Act, to limit access to tobacco and enhance public awareness of its hazards. The act effectively neuters the ability of tobacco companies to advertise their products at sporting or cultural events.



It will be interesting to see if there are parallel laws passed in the future banning cannabis advertising.



Hopefully, the government strictures that are already in place (don’t advertise to kids, edibles must not look like candy, etc.) are enough to allow operators to advertise their wares in both responsible and profitable manners.



But all it takes is one grassroots anti-cannabis Facebook campaign to take off and suddenly millions in advertising go up in smoke… and just like with tobacco, so do all the events that this advertising supported.



New Listings


The CSE welcomes the following new listings this week:


Blackhawk Resource Corp. (CSE:BLR)



March 4th


Cielo Waste Solutions Corp. (CSE: CMC) announces that Renewable U Energy Inc. has exercised its option to build a renewable diesel refinery in Medicine Hat with Cielo and to that end has incorporated and funded a new company, Renewable U Medicine Hat Inc.


The joint venture agreement will provide the framework to build and operate Cielo’s third joint venture refinery that converts garbage to high grade renewable fuels.


Medicine Hat has paid to Cielo a $250,000.00 fee to secure the territory of Medicine Hat and the surrounding area encompassing a 50 km radius.




March 5th




Pacific Rim Cobalt Corp. (CSE: BOLT) announce assay results from the ongoing 2019 drilling campaign at the Cyclops, Nickel/Cobalt Project in Indonesia, located proximal to the world’s largest electric vehicle battery market.

New shallow drilling returns discovery of strong nickel and cobalt mineralization; up to 2.65% nickel within 10 meters of surface.





MGX Minerals Inc. (CSE: XMG) and Eureka Resources have signed a Letter of Intent to form an exclusive joint venture to recover lithium from water produced at non-conventional oil and gas sites  in the eastern United States.


Deep natural gas reserves located in the Marcellus and Utica shale account for approximately 40% of all natural gas produced in the US. The oil and gas operations in this region also generate large volumes of produced water.


Eureka uses advanced treatment technology to convert 10,000 barrels per day of this produced water into valuable co-products, including fresh water, high-purity sodium chloride and calcium chloride.


Through this joint venture, Eureka will begin extracting lithium as well. MGX has developed a rapid lithium extraction technology that eliminates or greatly reduces the physical footprint and investment needed for large, multi-phase, lake-sized, lined evaporation ponds.






March 6th



Pivot Pharmaceuticals Inc. (CSE: PVOT) has completed the development of a controlled-release transdermal patch system for the delivery of cannabinoids.


Thrudermicis a proven technology for penetration through the skin and reaching the blood stream without altering the skin structure. The patch uses the nanotechnology developed by Dr. Leonid Lurya and Dr. Joseph Borovsky at Pivot’s Contract Laboratory in Israel. 


The process entails formulating a nanoparticle in a phospholipid matrix and suspended in a gel. The patch is assembled by coating it with Thrudermic gel containing a cannabinoid, for single use applications. Depending on the formulation, the patch can be designed for quick onset or sustained release presentations.




Appia Energy Corp. (CSE:API) announce that the diamond drilling program for high-grade uranium on the Loranger property has commenced.


The planned diamond drill hole program will consist of approximately 5 to 10 drill holes totaling a minimum of 1,000 metres, and will be targeting two or three areas which display coincidental geophysical features commonly exhibited by other Athabasca high-grade uranium deposits.





March 7th



The Yield Growth Corp. (CSE:BOSS) announces subsidiary Urban Juve has filed a Registration with Health Canada for a formula entitled “Sensual Lubricant” which contains hemp root oil produced with Urban Juve’s patent pending extraction technology.



Ashwagandha, known as an aphrodisiac, has been used for centuries to increase sexual desire and satisfaction for women.The Urban Juve formula is vegan and free from silicone, parabens and glycerin that can cause irritation. Avocado oil, hemp seed and hemp root oils provide relief from dryness and chafing, while creating a nutrient-rich, healing base for Ayurvedic ingredients.





SOL Global Investments Corp. (CSE: SOL) has signed a binding letter of intent to acquire three tracts of agricultural property totaling 568 acres of land in the States of Tennessee and Kentucky for the cultivation and production of raw hemp biomass.





Imagination Park Technologies Inc. (CSE: IP) announced that Orange County Community College (“SUNY Orange”), will be the first North American college to implement a student recruitment augmented reality campaign.


Imagination Park will enable SUNY Orange students to point their phones at logos, signs, posters and landmarks on and around campus to view or retrieve school news, updates, retailer coupons, messages, videos and more. After downloading Imagination Park’s XenoPlay, the app presents students with a new world of interactive entertainment options while at campuses in New York.




MYMNutraceuticalsInc.(CSE:MYM) has entered into an agreement with Elite Ventures Group to grow 120 acres of CBD-rich hemp in Nevada.


Under the agreement, MYM will fund Elite with $500,000USD in exchange for the rights to 50% of CBD-rich hemp grown on a 120 acre parcel of land.





March 8th



International Cannabis (CSE:WRLD.U) closes CAD$45 million non-brokered private placement. Proceeds from the Placement will be used as general working capital.





New Age Brands Inc. (CSE:NF) announce that its wholly owned subsidiary, We Are Kured, will launch the industry’s first disposable vape pen equipped with a micro USB port.



Benjamin Martch, New Age Brand’s Chief Marketing Officer and founder and Chief Executive Officer of Kured, stated: “Being that our in‐house oil is tested at over 40%, along with our terpene profiles from Israel, we are finding that around 2‐5% of our current pen batteries are dying before the oil is gone. We wanted to fix this problem without compromising our oil, so we had our manufacturer develop a top tier vape pen which consumers can charge with a house‐hold micro USB.”





The Overall


It’s been a steep correction all week as the CSE dipped sharply from an opening of 836.42, to finish at 788.86.




Always Be Closing



Canada ships more of its goods by rail than any other country.


About 68% of everything we move goes by rail at some point in it’s journey, and yes that’s including oil.


Except for people.


We’re still not moving people very well by rail.


It’s a struggle to reintroduce light rail commuting back into our cities and a cross-country Japanese-style bullet train is a distant pipe dream away (estimates are it would cost about $25 million per kilometer to build).


But no great thing ever got done without lots of planning and a willingness to take on the costs.


Our landmass isn’t getting any smaller and environmental protest to more pipelines isn’t going to let up anytime soon.


So I’d like to see the investment towards more rail.


If I could cruise in the bar car at 320 km/h (the speed of current bullet trains) I might actually enjoy travelling through the prairies for a change, instead of just flying over them…


Just saying.





Posted March 12, 2019

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