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Rokmaster continues to expand both RRYZ and RRMZ on strike, cores 3.9 m of 1,093 g/t AgEq within 14.38 m of 482.4 g/t AgEq.

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Rokmaster continues to expand both RRYZ and RRMZ on strike, cores 3.9 m of 1,093 g/t AgEq within 14.38 m of 482.4 g/t AgEq.






Rokmaster Resources Corp. (TSX-V: RKR) (OTCQB: RKMSF) (FSE: 1RR1) is pleased to present assay results of the first seven diamond drill holes, RR21-41 to RR21-47, from its inaugural surface drill program at the Revel Ridge polymetallic gold-silver Project. The results of DDH’s RR21-41 to RR21-47 document the significant contribution that the expanded silver rich, carbonate hosted Yellowjacket Zone will provide to the net resource at Revel Ridge. The data conclusively demonstrates that significant volumes of both the silver enriched RRYZ and the gold enriched Main Zone mineralization are continuing to the northwest of the 2020 resource area (Rokmaster news release, December 8, 2020).


Revel Ridge Surface Drill Highlights:


 Significant expansion of known RRYZ silver-zinc mineralization is documented by:

  • DDH RR21-41: 1,093 g/t AgEq or 14.39 g/t AuEq over 3.60 m within 482.4 g/t AgEq or 6.35 g/t AuEq over 14.38 m.
  • DDH RR21-43: 471.9 g/t AgEq or 6.21 g/t AuEq over 7.08 m.
  • DDH RR21-44: 520.5 g/t Ag or 6.85 g/t Au over 2.70 m within 143.0 g/t AgEq or 1.88 g/t AuEq over 19.02 m.
  • DDH RR21-47: 426.4 g/t AgEq or 5.61 g/t AuEq over 5.60 m.


Currently, 21 surface NQ diamond drillholes, totalling approximately 4,400 m of drilling have been completed on the northwestern strike extensions of both the silver rich RRYZ and the gold rich RRMZ. The results from the first seven of these drillholes, RR21-41 to RR21-47 are documented in this press release. The plan map illustrates the locations of all of the drillholes collared to date in the 2021 surface drill program, and is presented on the digital link Figure 1. Plan Map 2021 Surface Drilling. The longitudinal section showing 2020-2021 drill hole locations is presented on the digital link Figure 2. RRMZ Longitudinal Section. These drillholes tested segments of the RRMZ and RRYZ up to 200 m to the northwest of the 830 m portal and up to 200 m distal to the envelope which defines the 2020 measured and indicated gold-silver resource. The results of these drillholes are compiled on Table 1. Currently, Rokmaster’s surface drill rig is positioned 1,500 m to the northwest of the 830 m Level Portal and continues to intersect the RRMZ. The significance of these results is summarized below:


  1. Significant silver – zinc intersections, hosted by the RRYZ have been cored in all seven drillholes, DDH 21-41 to DDH21-47. The drillholes cut thick semi-conformable zones of banded sphalerite and argentiferous galena. The mineralization is coarse grained, hosted in silicified and marbleized limestones and is known to be free milling with no significant metallurgical challenges. Most of these drillholes lie well outside of the 2020 PEA Technical Report resource boundaries (filed on Sedar, January 2021) and are expected to materially add to this resource.
  2. The RRYZ cored in these drillholes appears continuous with the RRYZ outlined by pre-2020 drilling. The RRYZ typically consists of two to three stacked Ag-Zn carbonate hosted replacement zones, located in folded marbleized limestone, which also fall in close proximity to the RRMZ, typically a few tens of metres into the structural hanging wall of the RRMZ. The stratigraphic and structural style which hosts the RRYZ may develop with a periodicity along the extensive strike length of the deformation zone which hosts the RRMZ. The style of mineralization of the RRYZ has been well documented in Rokmaster’s 2020 and 2021 underground drilling programs and is effectively identical to that seen in the surface drillholes, RR21-41 – RR21-47.
  3. All of the mineralized intervals in DDH’s 21-41 to 21-47 are cored at shallow depths. Mineralization is occurring from approximately 52 to 146 m subsurface. Rokmaster’s technical team has already established that gold mineralization at Revel Ridge occurs over vertical distances exceeding 1,200 m. Drillholes RR21-41 to 21-47 successfully probe only the shallowest portions of this impressive orogenic gold system.
  4. Currently, drill testing of the RRMZ is occurring 1,500 m to the northwest of the 830 m Level Portal and the 2020 gold equivalent resource. Rokmaster’s drill program is targeting potential strongly mineralized strands of the Revel Ridge deformation zone which has a known strike length exceeding 7 km. Archival data, including information collected from the historic Roseberry Mine, suggests that orogenic gold mineralization occurs along the Revel Ridge deformation zone, several km’s distance from the location of Rokmaster’s 2020-2021 underground drilling which so effectively tested and expanded the RRMZ and RRYZ. It is expected that surface drilling along strike will continue well beyond the current 1,500 m step outs from current resource area.
  5. Drilling is continuing around the clock and results are pending from holes 21-48 to 21-60.


John Mirko, President and CEO of Rokmaster stated:


“Rokmaster’s 2021 surface drill program has already achieved remarkable success and is achieving both of our principal goals. The first goal of this program was the expansion of the silver-zinc rich, carbonate hosted Yellowjacket mineralization in the near mine environment. The silver grades within the RRYZ are second to none within carbonate hosted Ag-Pb-Zn deposits of British Columbia’s Kootenay Arc. The strength of silver mineralization, in DDH’s RR21-41 to RR21-47, as well as the persistent orogenic gold mineralization within the RRMZ, are a testament to the unique metallogeny of the Revel Ridge camp.


Rokmaster is currently pursuing the second goal of expanding the gold rich RRMZ along strike, by collaring a series of widely spaced drillholes along the laterally persistent deformation zone that hosts the RRMZ. These drillholes are targeting mineralized segments of the RRMZ several km distance from the current resource area. Every successful drillhole, in this greenfields exploration environment, further expands the larger scale potential of the Revel Ridge camp, and in these drillholes we are effectively looking for a “new mine.”


The positive results of the 2020 – 2021 underground and surface drill programs continues to reinforce the concept that Revel Ridge is one of the premier undeveloped gold-silver deposits within the western cordillera.”


Table 1. Summary of the Selected Assay Results of Surface Drill Holes RR21-41 – RR21-47.


DDH From (m) To (m) Length (m) Au g/t Ag g/t Pb % Zn % Zone AuEq g/t AgEq g/t
RR21-41 61.76 76.14 14.38 0.10 83.12 2.36 8.98 RRYJ 6.35 482.4
including 61.76 65.65 3.89 0.08 55.77 1.98 9.80 RRYJ 6.20 470.7
also including 71.00 74.60 3.60 0.19 244.28 6.25 18.09 RRYJ 14.39 1093.0
 and 92.70 93.25 0.55 1.23 2.00 0.13 0.25 RRMZ 1.43 108.3
RR21-42 85.00 86.60 1.60 0.02 17.25 1.51 6.24 RRYJ 3.78 286.8
 and 107.05 108.66 1.61 0.22 21.50 0.70 2.81 RRYJ 2.11 160.0
 and 118.33 122.06 3.73 1.38 20.21 1.12 1.41 RRMZ 2.76 209.7
including 118.33 118.83 0.50 5.76 98.00 6.04 6.39 RRMZ 12.46 946.2
RR21-43 75.89 82.97 7.08 0.11 45.44 1.82 10.18 RRYJ 6.21 471.9
 and 90.00 94.90 4.90 0.03 18.03 1.26 2.85 RRYJ 2.11 159.9
 and 107.90 108.40 0.50 1.81 2.00 0.08 0.14 RRMZ 1.93 146.9
RR21-44         67.80 86.82 19.02 0.04 19.59 0.98 2.55 RRYJ 1.88 143.0
including 73.40 76.10 2.70 0.03 83.69 4.20 8.64 RRYJ 6.85 520.5
also including 79.80 82.87 3.07 0.04 15.67 0.89 4.22 RRYJ 2.59 196.4
 and 99.05 99.55 0.50 0.70 21.00 0.74 2.72 RRMZ 2.55 193.5
RR21-45 90.50 93.30 2.80 0.06 25.39 1.34 6.16 RRYJ 3.82 290.0
 and 110.60 116.60 6.00 0.05 30.55 1.08 3.56 RRYJ 2.55 193.7
including 110.60 113.25 2.65 0.10 50.00 1.87 7.70 RRYJ 5.11 388.5
 and 144.37 145.20 0.83 2.85 49.00 1.87 3.09 RRMZ 5.69 432.3
RR21-46 98.15 98.84 0.69 0.00 7.00 0.42 1.55 RRYJ 0.99 75.3
 and 110.05 112.35 2.30 0.06 3.93 0.68 1.25 RRYJ 0.97 73.9
 and 121.15 121.65 0.50 4.79 149.00 7.66 13.46 RRMZ 16.12 1224.5
RR21-47 84.40 90.00 5.60 0.05 47.00 2.91 8.06 RRYJ 5.61 426.4
 and 103.90 109.85 5.95 0.04 31.70 1.11 5.88 RRYJ 3.65 277.5
including 104.90 105.59 0.69 0.22 178.00 4.94 25.03 RRYJ 16.27 1236.2
 and 123.54 125.20 1.66 0.05 16.31 0.88 4.94 RRYJ 2.94 223.0
 and 132.33 132.83 0.50 1.08 15.00 0.86 0.75 RRMZ 1.97 149.8


Reported widths of mineralization are drill hole intervals or core length recovered. Insufficient data exists to permit the calculation of true widths of the reported mineralized intervals.


*The metal values used in the gold equivalent calculations of US$1,561/oz Au, US$20.55/oz silver, US$0.91/lb lead and US$1.07/lb zinc, are based on the consensus average long-term price forecasts published by a major commercial bank at the end of October, 2020, as per the Technical Report, with an effective date of December 8, 2020 by Micon International Limited, entitled: An Updated Preliminary Economic Assessment Of The Revel Ridge Project, Revelstoke, BC, Canada, for Rokmaster Resources Corp. The formula used to calculate gold equivalence is: AuEq = Au g/t + (Ag g/t x 0.013) + (Pb% x 0.4) + (Zn% x 0.47). The formula used to calculate silver equivalence is: AgEq = Ag g/t + (Au g/t x 75.96) + (Pb% x 30.3) + (Zn% x 35.6).


Quality Assurance/Quality Control. Dr. Jim Oliver, P. Geo. supervised all aspects of the drilling and sampling undertaken in the 2021 underground diamond drill program. All samples have been collected from ½ NQ core, sawn with a diamond saw with the sample intervals marked by technical personnel. A full QAQC program using blanks, standards and duplicates was utilized to monitor analytical accuracy and precision. The samples were sealed on site and shipped to MSA Labs in Langley, British Columbia. MSA is an ISO 17025 (Testing and Calibration Laboratory) and an ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) Certified Laboratory. Core samples were crushed to 2 mm and a 500 gram sub sample was pulverized with 85% of the sample passing 75 microns. The sub sample was analysed using a combination of MSA Labs FAS211 for Au and ICP–240 (4 acid digestion) for silver, base metals and other trace elements. FAS211 for gold is an ore grade fire assay of a 50 g pulp with an AAS finish with a detection range between 0.01 and 100 ppm). ICP-240 utilizes four acid digestion and provides ore grade analytical data on silver, base metals and 26 other elements.



  1. An NSR value of approximately $125 over a production width of 2.5 m was the criteria used in determining whether the drillhole had a reasonable potential of contributing to the net gold equivalent resource.


Other Business


In addition, the Company has granted 425,000 incentive stock options to consultants of the Company under the Company’s stock option plan. The options are exercisable for a period of three years at an exercise price of $0.50 per common share.


The technical information in this news release has been prepared in accordance with Canadian regulatory requirements as set out in National Instrument 43-101 and reviewed and approved by Mark Rebagliati, P. Eng., FEC, who is independent of Rokmaster.


About Rokmaster 


Rokmaster controls a portfolio of three significant exploration and development projects all of which are located in southern British Columbia in regions of excellent infrastructure. The three projects include:


  1. Revel Ridge. Rokmaster is currently conducting an underground drill program at the Revel Ridge project located in southeastern British Columbia 35 km’s N of the City of Revelstoke. Revel Ridge is a high-grade gold and polymetallic orogenic sulphide deposit which has been the subject of a PEA Technical Report dated December 8, 2020.
  2. Big Copper. Rokmaster controls the Big Copper property in the Creston area of Southern British Columbia. Big Copper is a high-grade copper-silver occurrence hosted in mid-Proterozoic rocks. Copper-silver mineralization has been traced for 3 km along strike and is exposed in a series of adits and trenches over approximately 250- 300 m of vertical relief. Big Copper likely belongs to a class of stratabound replacement copper-silver deposits hosted within mid – Proterozoic quartzitic sediments. The style and stratigraphic setting of mineralization at Big Copper may be analogous to similar stratabound silver-copper deposits in NW Montana e.g. the Troy mine (64 million tonnes of 0.74% Cu and 54 g/t Ag (Western Mining History, 2020) or Hecla’s Montanore Mine, 112 million tonnes at 51.2 g/t Ag and 0.7% Cu. (Hecla website link).
  3. Duncan Zinc. Duncan is a carbonate hosted silver-lead-zinc deposit located near Duncan Lake in southern British Columbia. The deposit is hosted within a Cambrian age Badshot Limestone which also hosts Ag-Pb-Zn mineralization at Teck’s currently producing Pend D’Oreille mine as well as past producers including the Blue Bell Mine, Reeves MacDonald, Jersey-Emerald and HB mines. Mineralization at Duncan Lake forms in the crest and limbs of the regional scale Duncan Lake anticline, where strong lead-zinc +/- silver mineralization has been traced by surface and underground drilling for approximately 2500 m. At Duncan Lake, Rokmaster will be targeting > 30 Mt of >10% Pb+Zn+Ag. Historical background and a geological synthesis of the Duncan Lake deposit is provided in a NI 43-101 report by Lane, B., 2018: Technical Report on the Duncan Lake Project.


Figure 1. Plan Map 2021 Surface Drilling (CNW Group/Rokmaster Resources Corp.)


Figure 2. RRMZ Longitudinal Section (CNW Group/Rokmaster Resources Corp.)


Posted July 16, 2021

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