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Moneta Continues to Expand the Westaway Gold Deposit with up to 7.00 m @ 5.44 g/t Gold Including 2.00 m @ 8.38 g/t Gold

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Moneta Continues to Expand the Westaway Gold Deposit with up to 7.00 m @ 5.44 g/t Gold Including 2.00 m @ 8.38 g/t Gold






Moneta Gold Inc. (TSX: ME) (OTCQX: MEAUF) (XETRA: MOP) is pleased to announce new results from two additional drill holes and additional results from twenty (20) previously partially released holes drilled to test the resource expansion potential of the Westaway underground gold resources within the Golden Highway area of the Tower Gold project. The drilling is part of the 2020/2021 drill program designed to test extensions of the current mineral resource estimate of 4.0M ounces indicated gold and 4.4M ounces inferred gold (see February 24, 2021 press release) on the Tower Gold project, located 100 kms east of Timmins, Ontario.




Drilling continues to intersect significant gold mineralization in step out drill holes at Westaway as extensions to the current mineral resource estimate:


  • MGH21-208, drilled to test the western and depth extensions continued to extend gold mineralization:
    • Intersected 7.00 metres “m” @ 5.44 grams per tonne “g/t” gold “Au” including 2.00 m @ 8.38 g/t Au
  • MGH21-188, drilled within the West Block area continued to extend gold mineralization to the south and to depth:
    • Intersected 6.00 m @ 4.94 g/t Au, including 3.00 m @ 8.31 g/t Au, including 1.00 m @ 11.60 g/t Au
  • MGH21-197, drilled in the West Block area continued to infill and extend gold mineralization to depth:
    • Intersected 4.40 m @ 5.11 g/t Au, including 3.00 m @ 7.19 g/t Au, including 1.00 m @ 13.80 g/t Au
    • Intersected 11.30 m @ 2.75 g/t Au including 1.50 m @ 5.82 g/t Au and 1.00 m @ 8.12 g/t Au
  • MGH21-186, drilled in the West Block area continued to extend gold mineralization to the south:
    • Intersected 1.67 m @ 4.48 g/t Au including 0.67 m @ 5.90 g/t Au


Gary O’Connor, Moneta’s CEO, commented, “The drill results from our resource expansion drill program have again confirmed significant gold mineralization in large step-outs to the south, to the west and at depth as we look to continue to expand the underground gold resource at Westaway. This maiden resource currently consists of 662,000 ounces gold inferred resources at a 3.00 g/t Au cut-off. Additional holes and assays from the reported holes remain pending from this drill program. Resource expansion drilling continues on the South West, Windjammer South, Garrison and 55 resource areas, as well as on the new Halfway discovery, while drill rigs have been mobilized to test for new resources on the Garrison property.”


The latest assay results include initial results from two (2) new drill holes for a total of 1,555.00 m and additional new results from twenty (20) previously announced drill holes for a total of 12,974.0 m of drilling (see July 15, 2021 press release: Moneta continues to extend gold mineralization on the Westaway Deposit with up to 8.00 m @ 5.34 g/t Au and 19.30 m @ 3.94 g/t Au and August 19, 2021 press release: Moneta continues to intersect gold on extensions of the Westaway Deposit with up to 21.00 m @ 2.66 g/t Au and 25.00 m @ 1.75 g/t Au), completed as part of the current 70,000 m 2020/2021 drill program. The reported holes were targeting the extensions of the new Westaway underground resource to the south, west and at depth. Additional assays for the twenty-two holes and results from additional drilling, notably to the west and at depth, are still pending.


Figure 1: Tower Gold Project: General Location Map


Table 1: Selected Significant Drill Results


Project Target Hole From To Length Au Vein
(Area) (Name) (#) (m) (m) (m) (g/t) Name
GHW WA MGH21-181 678.00 686.50 8.50 1.13 WA-6
includes 679.00 680.00 1.00 2.76 WA-6
GHW WA MGH21-186 661.33 663.00 1.67 4.48 New
includes 661.33 662.00 0.67 5.90 New
GHW WA MGH21-188 761.00 767.00 6.00 4.94 New
includes 764.00 767.00 3.00 8.31 New
includes 766.00 767.00 1.00 11.60 New
GHW WA MGH21-188 815.00 822.00 7.00 1.36 New
includes 817.00 821.00 4.00 2.05 New
includes 817.00 818.00 1.00 3.07 New
and 820.10 821.00 0.90 3.75 New
GHW WA MGH21-192 481.50 493.00 11.50 0.81 WB-12
includes 485.60 487.00 1.40 3.30 WB-12
includes 485.60 486.20 0.60 5.28 WB-12
GHW WA MGH21-197 101.60 106.00 4.40 5.11 WB-12
includes 103.00 106.00 3.00 7.19 WB-12
includes 104.00 105.00 1.00 13.80 WB-12
GHW WA MGH21-197 116.00 127.30 11.30 2.75 WB-11
includes 117.00 119.00 2.00 4.90 WB-11
includes 117.00 118.50 1.50 5.82 WB-11
and 122.00 127.30 5.30 3.30 WB-11
includes 124.00 125.00 1.00 8.12 WB-11
and 127.00 127.30 0.30 5.28 WB-11
GHW WA MGH21-198 193.00 196.00 3.00 1.97 WA-3
includes 193.60 194.20 0.60 8.55 WA-3
GHW WA MGH21-201 203.30 206.10 2.80 2.36 WA-3
includes 204.20 206.10 1.90 3.32 WA-3
includes 204.20 205.10 0.90 4.86 WA-3
GHW WA MGH21-206 164.00 165.80 1.80 3.16 New
includes 164.00 165.00 1.00 4.95 New
GHW WA MGH21-206 357.00 367.50 10.50 1.30 WA-14
includes 357.00 359.00 2.00 2.24 WA-14
and 362.75 363.50 0.75 3.23 WA-14
and 366.50 367.50 1.00 3.46 WA-14
GHW WA MGH21-208 315.70 318.30 2.60 2.85 WA-15
includes 316.50 318.30 1.80 3.74 WA-15
includes 316.50 317.30 0.80 5.77 WA-15
GHW WA MGH21-208 337.60 339.50 1.90 2.71 WA-15
includes 337.60 338.50 0.90 5.69 WA-15
GHW WA MGH21-208 440.00 447.00 7.00 5.44 WA-11
includes 443.50 445.50 2.00 8.38 WA-11


Intercepts are calculated using geological boundaries, a maximum of 3m internal dilution and no top cap applied. Drill intercepts are not true widths, are reported as drill widths, and are estimated to be 75% to 95% of true width.


Discussion of Drill Results


Drilling was targeting clastic sediment hosted gold mineralized stacked quartz veins south of the BIF C unit and south of the gabbro intrusion as well as extensions of the resource to the west. The latest assay results confirmed extensions of gold mineralization to the south of the post-mineral gabbro, as well as at depth and to the west.


Drill results from the current program at Westaway confirmed the occurrence of west dipping higher grade stacked quartz veins sets and associated ankerite-albite-sericite-pyrite alteration haloes. Mineralization has been extended up to 350 m to the west in hole MGH21-208 and up to 400 m to the south within the West Block area of the current gold resource in MGH21-186.


West Block Area


Drill hole MGH21-188 was drilled to extend gold mineralization south of the BIF C and gabbro intrusion in the West Block zone and continues to intersect good gold mineralization with up to 6.00 m @ 4.94 g/t Au, including 3.00 m @ 8.31 g/t Au, including 1.00 m @ 11.60 g/t Au from a new vein and 7.00 m @ 1.36 g/t Au including 1.00 m @ 3.07 g/t Au and 0.90 m @ 3.75 g/t Au from a second new vein. The hole was drilled over 200 m south of the gabbro. Drill hole MGH21-186 was drilled as a 400 m step out of West Block mineralization within the South Basin area and intersected up to 1.67 m @ 4.48 g/t Au including 0.67 m @ 5.90 g/t Au.


Western Extensions


Drill holes MGH21-206 and MGH21-208 were drilled to test the western and down dip extensions of the Westaway mineralization north of the BIF C and gabbro units towards the 55 open pit gold deposit. New results from MGH21-208 intersected up to 7.00 m @ 5.44 g/t Au, including 2.00 m @ 8.38 g/t Au from the WA-11 structure. Drill hole MGH21-208 also intersected 2.60 m @ 2.85 g/t Au including 1.80 m @ 3.74 g/t Au, including 0.80 m @ 5.77 g/t Au from the WA-15 structure, extending mineralization by 100 m to depth and 100 m to the west. MGH21-208 was drilled immediately to the north of the gabbro and BIF units. Drill hole MGH21-206 intersected new veining of up to 1.80 m @ 3.16 g/t Au, including 1.00 m @ 4.95 g/t Au, and 10.50 m @ 1.30 g/t Au including 0.75 m @ 3.23 g/t Au and 1.00 m @ 3.46 g/t Au, extending the veins by 100 m to the west and 100 m to depth.


Westaway Main


Drill holes MGH21-201 and MGH21-197 were drilled to infill gaps within the main Westaway resource north of the gabbro and BIF C units and continued to intersect significant gold mineralization. Drill hole MGH21-201 intersected up to 2.80 m @ 2.36 g/t Au, including 1.90 m @ 3.32 g/t Au, including 0.90 m @ 4.86 g/t Au from the WA-3 vein. Drill hole MGH21-197 located 250 m to the east intersected up to 4.40 m @ 5.11 g/t Au including 3.00 m @ 7.19 g/t Au including 1.00 m @13.80 g/t Au from the WB-12 structure. Drill hole MGH21-197 also intersected 11.30 m @ 2.75 g/t Au, including 2.00 m @ 4.90 g/t Au and 5.30 m @ 3.30 g/t Au, including 1.00 m @ 8.12 g/t Au in an area not previously drilled.


Figure 2: Westaway Drill Program: Drill Hole Location Map


Figure 3: Westaway Resource Drilling- Cross Section


Table 2: New Drill Hole Details*


Hole Easting Northing Elevation Azimuth Inclination Depth
(#) (mE) (mN) (masl) (°) (°) (m)
MGH21-201 570149 5369028 332 70 -65 844.0
MGH21-209 570268 5369208 331 75 -60 711.0


*Assay results for the reported holes are not complete. Additional assay results from drill holes will be released upon receipt. All intercepts are reported as drill widths and not true widths.


QA/QC Procedures


Drill core is oriented and cut with half sent to AGAT Laboratories Inc. (AGAT) for drying and crushing to -2 mm, with a 1.00 kg split pulverized to -75 µm (200#). AGAT is an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory. A 50 g charge is Fire Assayed and analyzed using an AAS finish for Gold. Samples above 10.00 g/t Au are analyzed by Fire Assay with a gravimetric finish and selected samples with visible gold or high-grade mineralization are assayed by Metallic Screen Fire Assay on a 1.00 kg sample. Moneta inserts independent certified reference material and blanks with the samples and assays routine pulp repeats and coarse reject sample duplicates, as well as completing routine third-party check assays at Activation Laboratories Ltd. Kevin Montgomery, P.Geo. is a qualified person under NI 43-101 and has reviewed and approved the technical contents of this press release.


About Moneta


Moneta is a Canadian based gold exploration company focussed on advancing its 100% wholly-owned Tower Gold project, which currently hosts a gold mineral resource estimate of 4.0M ounces indicated and 4.4M ounces inferred. The Company is well financed and trades on the TSX and OTC markets. Moneta is committed to creating shareholder value through the strategic allocation of capital and its focus on the current resource expansion drilling program in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.


Posted September 1, 2021

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