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F3 Hits 2.05m Off Scale >65,535 CPS in First Hole of Winter Program at JR Zone

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F3 Hits 2.05m Off Scale >65,535 CPS in First Hole of Winter Program at JR Zone






F3 Uranium Corp. (TSX-V: FUU) (OTCQB: FUUFF) is pleased to announce initial scintillometer results from the first completed drill hole of the current winter drill program on the Patterson Lake North Property, which includes two high-grade intercepts. Drill hole PLN24-116 tested for mineralization between PLN23-061 (see NR dated May 15, 2023) and PLN23-074 (see NR dated November 13, 2023) on section line 075S and intersected mineralization within a 16.5m interval including 2.05m of off scale radioactivity (>65,535 cps), 1.80m of which is continuous. A thin, lower mineralized zone up to 23,600 cps starting at 272.00m was also intersected and marks the first intersection of strong radioactivity below the JR Zone.


A second diamond drill has also begun coring on the JR Zone before moving approximately 3km grid south to start exploration in the B1 area where drill holes from last year provided strongly encouraging results including significant alteration, structures and highly anomalous geochemistry.


As the Dias 3D resistivity survey is days away from being completed, preparations are underway at site for the next phase of ground geophysics. A stepwise moving loop time domain electromagnetics (SWML) survey totaling approximately 60 line-km will be conducted over the B1 area, with ideal loop size parameters to properly resolve the basement hosted B1 conductor. This new survey will update and refine the Company’s electromagnetic plate model, which will then be integrated with the resistivity data to provide additional drill targets.


Drilling Highlight:


PLN24-116 (line 075S):

  • 16.5m mineralization from 224.0m – 240.5m, including
    • 6.05m composite high-grade radioactivity (> 10,000 cps) between 224.85 and 232.40m, including
    • 2.05 composite off-scale radioactivity (> 65,535 cps) between 227.00 and 231.25m, and
    • 0.5m mineralization from 272.00m – 272.5m with up to 23,600 cps


Natural gamma radiation in the drill core that is reported in this news release was measured in counts per second (cps) using a handheld Radiation Solutions RS-125 scintillometer. The Company considers greater than 300 cps on the handheld spectrometer as anomalous, >10,000 cps as high grade and greater than 65,535 cps as off-scale. The reader is cautioned that scintillometer readings are not directly or uniformly related to uranium grades of the rock sample measured and should be used only as a preliminary indication of the presence of radioactive materials. Samples from the drill core are split in half on site and are standardized at 0.5m lengths. One half of the split sample will be submitted to SRC Geoanalytical Laboratories (an SCC ISO/IEC 17025: 2005 Accredited Facility) in Saskatoon, SK. for lithogeochemical analysis using their “Uranium Package”.


All depth measurements reported are down-hole and true thickness are yet to be determined but the Company estimates true thickness of the reported intervals in this news release to be close to reported interval widths.


Table 1. Drill Hole Summary and Handheld Spectrometer Results


Collar Information * Hand-held Spectrometer Results On Mineralized Drillcore (>300 cps / >0.5m minimum) Athabasca Unconformity Depth (m) Total Drillhole Depth (m)
Hole ID Section Line Easting Northing Elevation Az Dip From
Interval (m) Max CPS  
PLN24-116 075S 587757.9 6410697.1 546.0 54.6 -64.9 224.00 224.50 0.50 3100 196.0 311  
              224.50 224.85 0.35 4200      
              224.85 225.00 0.15 14600      
              225.00 225.50 0.50 4600      
              225.50 226.00 0.50 24100      
              226.00 226.50 0.50 20200      
              226.50 227.00 0.50 22200      
              227.00 227.50 0.50 >65535      
              227.50 228.00 0.50 >65535      
              228.00 228.50 0.50 >65535      
              228.50 228.80 0.30 >65535      
              228.80 229.00 0.20 63500      
              229.00 229.50 0.50 37800      
              229.50 230.00 0.50 3000      
              230.00 230.50 0.50 8600      
              230.50 231.00 0.50 51800      
              231.00 231.25 0.25 >65535      
              231.25 231.50 0.25 61000      
              231.50 232.00 0.50 58700      
              232.00 232.40 0.40 31200      
              232.40 232.50 0.10 4100      
              232.50 233.00 0.50 2500      
              233.00 233.50 0.50 5800      
              233.50 234.00 0.50 1800      
              234.00 234.50 0.50 530      
              234.50 235.00 0.50 450      
              235.00 235.50 0.50 310      
              235.50 236.00 0.50 1100      
              236.00 236.50 0.5 690      
              236.50 237.00 0.5 500      
              237.00 238.50 1.5 <300      
              238.50 239.00 0.5 670      
              239.00 239.50 0.5 <300      
              239.50 240.00 0.5 300      
              240.00 240.50 0.5 350      
              272.00 272.25 0.25 23600      
              272.25 272.50 0.25 2900      


Handheld spectrometer composite parameters:

1: Minimum Thickness of 0.5m
2: CPS Cut-Off of 300 counts per second
3: Maximum Internal Dilution of 2.0m


About Patterson Lake North:


The Company’s 4,078-hectare 100% owned Patterson Lake North property (PLN) is located just within the south-western edge of the Athabasca Basin in proximity to Fission Uranium’s Triple R and NexGen Energy’s Arrow high-grade world class uranium deposits which is poised to become the next major area of development for new uranium operations in northern Saskatchewan. PLN is accessed by Provincial Highway 955, which transects the property, and the new JR Zone uranium discovery is located 23km northwest of Fission Uranium’s Triple R deposit.


Qualified Person:


The technical information in this news release has been prepare in accordance with the Canadian regulatory requirements set out in National Instrument 43-101 and approved on behalf of the company by Raymond Ashley, P.Geo., President & COO of F3 Uranium Corp, a Qualified Person. Mr. Ashley has verified the data disclosed.


About F3 Uranium Corp:


F3 Uranium is advancing the newly discovered high grade JR Zone on the PLN Property in the Western Athabasca Basin. This area of Saskatchewan is poised to become the next Uranium producer and home to large uranium deposits including Tiple R, Arrow and Shea Creek. F3 Uranium currently holds 18 projects across the Athabasca Basin.


Posted January 30, 2024

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