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Chris Temple – “The GOLD ISSUE: This is NOT Your Father’s Gold Market! (Updated and Expanded!)”

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Chris Temple – “The GOLD ISSUE: This is NOT Your Father’s Gold Market! (Updated and Expanded!)”






Even with the price of gold recently reaching its all-time high, we have already had a few lessons teaching us that “This is NOT Your Father’s Gold Market!” This move which began in earnest in late 2018 has in numerous ways been decidedly different than past multi-year moves for the yellow metal, as I explain.



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If I may say so, you’re going to read the most sober…sometimes controversial…and if you have “ears to hear” USEFUL primer on the gold sector that you’ve EVER read.



Much of what I say will infuriate The Pied Pipers of the Gold Bug Echo Chamber.



That’s good



You’ll read a plethora of history…do’s and don’ts…and most of all common sense in understanding how to approach a sector holding equal parts of potential riches…and great misery



And in part as object lessons on how to find the right companies to buy, I offer brief profiles and Cliff Notes-like narratives on the following current recommendations of mine:



*  Omineca Mining and Metals


*  Seabridge Gold


*  NuLegacy Gold


*  Monarch Gold


*  GFG Resources and


*  Taiga Gold Corp. 




“You can get information anywhere.

Here, you get knowledge.”


Posted July 26, 2020

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