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04 The Answer to the World’s Battery Problem
Where will we get the rare metals we need and how will we recycle them?

06 Illegal Mining – How Gran Colombia Gold is Changing the Paradigm
Criminal cartels don’t care where the supply comes from, as long as the money is flowing.

10 Featuring AMK: One of the Many Prospective Gold Properties in “The 500Km GOLD BELT in B.C.”
One of the most important mineral trends of north-western British Columbia extends from near the town of Stewart north to the Treaty Glacier.

14 “NSM: On Track with Everything in their MILESTONES Chart”
Recently, Ellis Martin of The Ellis Martin Report, a long time Media Partner of my W.I.T. Marketing Writing, Media & Online Campaigns and International Mining Research Inc. met with Denis Clement and John MacKenzie, Directors of New Ruby Mining Corp.

16 BacTech Environmental: “Green Gold” Processing Technology Addresses Artisanal Mining and ARD Problems
Every year millions of small-scale miners toil in the baking sun, collecting and breaking rocks with the goal of extracting small amounts of gold

22 Your Four Aces: Gold, Silver, Copper and Digital Metals
“The bear market we just went through was a Lollapalooza. My suggestion is that we’re in the first inning of a nine-inning game for most commodities, and maybe the third inning of a nine-inning game with […]”

26 Have we REALLY Started a New Metals “Supercycle?”
Resource-oriented investors’ fondest memories – and if you are like most, greatest profits – hearken back to the glory days of the early “aughts.”

Posted September 10, 2017


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