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04                  The Life Cycle of money
[…] monetary debasement is not a recent phenomenon; it is simply the natural life cycle of money.




06                  Silver Sleeping On the Job
In the time of the ancient Babylonians […] there were seven sacred metals: gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, lead and mercury.




08                  Water Rights in Nevada Affecting Brine-based Ops
Dajin is an example of a Li junior with staying power.




10                   Differentiating Mineralized Claystones from Brines
Cypress Developmentā€™s mission is to increase shareholder value by developing exploration projects near world-class deposits that have the potential of becoming new discoveries.




12                   The 14-Year Record for the Toronto Venture Exchange
[…] for overall, bull, and bear market conditions, there are predictable intra-year trends in the capitalization of the Toronto Venture Exchange (TSXV).


Posted October 17, 2016


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